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About Linda M. Perry

I’m a Master Life Coach with certifications from the Ford Institute, established by best selling author and teacher Debbie Ford, and from the Levin Life Coach Academy. I am also the lead business instructor for the Levin Life Coach Academy where I teach life coaches how to build a profitable life coach business.

"Linda Perry is quite literally the only person I’ve ever not only SAT THROUGH an entire session on mindset, but actually enjoyed and agreed with, and saw value in."
Joel Klettke
Conversion Copywriter & Consultant
"Sometimes you discover your self-deprecating jokes and little side comments are a sign of something much deeper and more limiting than you realize. Linda aligns your view with the truth—and when that happens, the whole world becomes yours."
Justin Blackman
Copywriter, Pretty Fly Copywriting
"Working with Linda, has helped me uncover limiting beliefs I’d been dragging around with me since childhood, she also gave me tools to help crush it."
Sorcha Mackenzie
Brand Strategist