Episode #88: Why You Need A Success Blueprint for Your Business (+ Tips to Start)

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Have you ever reached that point in your business where you feel stuck? Where you’re unsure which direction to take, whether to shift your niche or focus, or how you really want to take your business to the next level?

The truth is that most business owners can say yes to all of these questions. And on today’s podcast, I share why having a success blueprint can be essential when it comes to getting “unstuck” and will help you answer the question – what comes next. The truth is that having a clear blueprint – or vision – can make the difference between a good business and an incredible business.

But not all business owners invest in the time and energy to create a proper business blueprint and the reason why isn’t because they’re lazy, too busy or don’t know where to begin – no, it’s something different and I touch on it in this week’s episode. I also share with you how you can start to think about your own blueprint and take your business to new heights.

In this episode…

The success blueprint for your business. 0:00

What is your success blueprint and why you shouldn’t skip it. 2:57

A success blueprint is like having a GPS in your car. 7:12

An experience with the success blueprint and how it shifts your head trash. 10:08

The success blueprint defines every “yes” in your business. 12:53

Your blueprint doesn’t need to be created – it’s already there. 14:20

Complete your Success Blueprint. 22:10


Your Domination for Success by Linda Perry


Learn about and register for Your Success Blueprint by Linda Perry


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