Become the Programmer of Your Own Success!

You wouldn’t get in your car without directions to where you want to go, so why do that in your business?

Discover how to create a clear blueprint for success that provides clarity, action and powerful growth to take your business to the next level!

It Doesn’t Matter How Others Define Success – Only How YOU Do.

You probably already know this, but doing the things you should do, have to do or are advised to do by others . . . doesn’t always lead to the success you desire.

Instead they lead to a long list of to-do’s that sometimes fall flat or feel unfulfilling. You might even find yourself in a completely different destination than the one you initially desired. 

And you know that no matter how much success you’ve achieved on paper, what got you here isn’t going to get you to the next level.

So, how do you decide what comes next?

How do you define success in a way that gives you the freedom, time and money you’ve truly desired?

Especially when you feel stuck, frustrated and a little scared to voice what you really want (after all – is it even practical??).

Instead of looking at what’s possible and putting your desires on paper with “I can’t wait!” excitement, your brain immediately wants to answer the question “how in the heck is any of this remotely possible for me?”

To which you might answer: 

  • I’d have to work way too hard to buy a house there
  • No one’s business and life could be that balanced.
  • I don’t know anyone who’s done it so it must be too hard…or impossible.
  • All my ideas have been done (better) by someone else anyway. What do I have to add?

Those thoughts immediately put you in panic mode. You give up on figuring out exactly where you want to go and what you want for your business and out of your life. 

You might even tell yourself that it’s something you’ll do when you have more time, money or [insert excuse] – because right now you have NO idea what you want.

And you set small goals that keep your wheels spinning, but don’t actually move you forward.

So how do you get over that? How do you move past your fears to truly unlock a blueprint that will drive your business (and life) forward?

The good news is your blueprint is already inside you.

You don’t need to chase after it or even create it!

You just need a little help to bring it out of you – so you can really grow and define success on your own terms!

And that’s just what you’ll do in this program.

Your Success Blueprint is the only program designed for small business owners and service based entrepreneurs to uncover your personal blueprint, connect with it, and use it to guide your business growth every step of the way.

I’ve never done any work on creating a vision before. I signed up for this because I’ve been feeling lost for a while. Now, I feel like I have a clearer picture of how I want my life to look and the direction I need to take to get there. 

Melissa Li

Think of your blueprint as the advisor you’ve been waiting for to help you grow.

Whether you’re a new business owner searching for that first client, or the entrepreneur who consistently hits $10k+ months…getting to the next level s going to take so planning.

Keeping busy to the point of burn out, taking clients you don’t necessarily want (but say you need), and making excuses about it all is leaving you feeling unmotivated and stuc. What you really want is a way to make better decisions and a clear path toward success – one that is your own.

You’re not sure how to make it happen and frankly– everyone around you seems to be following some pre-programmed path for success that doesn’t really work for you.

So how can this program help?

As a master mindset coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people…all with the same goal to break through their negative mindset and crack the code to success.

And the one underlying thing I see with almost EVERY business owner is that if you want to have more freedom, time and money – you need a clear blueprint to drive your decisions and clarify your goals.

That’s where Your Success Blueprint comes in!

Three Guided Modules & Exercises To Help You Clarify Your Own Path to Success

  • Feel inspired, confident and motived to take action
  • Avoid group think and make decisions you know are right for you (instead of copying what others do)
  • Course-correct when something is not aligned with your vision
  • Know what’s important for your business growth – and say NO without needing to consult others
  • Stop letting the question “how” get in the way
  • Find greater freedom, time and money

How Your Success Blueprint Works . . 

Your Success Blueprint is a self-paced program that unlocks a vision you’ve never realized were inside you. Instead of having others define your success, you’ll learn to put your own desires and understanding first.

Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll gain access to to the success portal where you’ll be guided through a 3-step process including videos and worksheets to move you forward. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone

I’ll be there every step of the way. You’ll receive reminders and support from me to free yourself from any fears that may come up. . . so by the end, you’ll finally see a blueprint you love and have a clear path to grow your business. (P.S. If you upgrade to the VIP version, you’ll be able to book 30 minutes with me 1:1 to review your personal blueprint).

And the best part – you can go back to this program again and again when you’re ready to upgrade your vision and take your domination to a whole new level!

Module One: Importance & Core Elements of A Blueprint

While you probably already know a blueprint is important–there is often confusion about what a vision is, what it isn’t, and why it matters in the first place. We’ll also talk about why a blueprint is more than just $$.

Module Two: Let Go of How, What & Why

Crafting a blueprint can be challenging especially when fears about how to build it all out creeps in and limiting beliefs tell us that we’ll never get what we want! In this module, I’ll help you identify and move past the blocks that have kept you from finding clarity.

Module Three: Map Your Blueprint

Your blueprint doesn’t have to be manufactured or created from thin air. Once you’ve worked through your fears and unlocked imagination, I’ll guide you to  put pen to paper to create a blueprint that points you in the right direction and anchors your every inspiring choice!

Bonus: Using Your Blueprint & Setting Clear Goals

Once you’ve created your blueprint, I’ll share with you how to use it to make better choices and create clear goals. This bonus video offers practical advice on how to set goals and take action that actually grows your business. I’ll also share with you the secret reason most business owners don’t follow through – so you’ll execute with greater precision each time!

Before mapping my blueprint I sort of knew where I wanted my business to go in the next few years but I didn’t have a solid vision of it. Thanks to worksheets and insightful questions, I ended up with clarity and direction. I’m more excited about the future than I have been in a long time! 

Patti Haus