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It’s a question we all ask – how do I become more successful? But instead of asking what success really means or looks like for us, we tend to skip to the doing part and look at how we can make more money – faster. Few of us look beyond money as a definition of success and fewer of us reach a satisfying level of success that gives us the things money is supposed to bring.

So, in this episode I tackle the question of how to redefine success on your own terms and perhaps let go of some of the old – outdated definitions that don’t seem to be giving you the things they promised. I also share some of my own personal experiences with success and hope that you’ll get some insights about how the code you have been following is leading you down the wrong path!


In this episode…

Cracking the code to your success. 0:00

Crossing our own boundaries when we create a business with money as the definition of our own success. 1:54

When we define success, we can build a truly intentional business – ditching definitions of success that have been taught. 4:32

Our experiences support our pre-programmed beliefs, dictating actions and non-actions in business. 6:47

How the pre-programmed success code showed up for Linda. 7:46

Your belief code might be wrong for you. 10:26

Play with your own definition of success and download the worksheet in the show notes! 13:50



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