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On today’s Mindset First Podcast I sit down with someone who I personally hired to help me rebrand my business (I haven’t yet revealed it to the world as of the date of this recording) and can easily say that Sarah has become a kindred spirit and friend.

Sarah Ashman is the founder, brand strategist, creative director and stylist of Public Persona Studio a small multidisciplinary brand consultancy. She brings 20+ years of brand building and has worked as a graphic designer, creative director and stylist for major Advertising Agencies + Fortune 500 brands. She’s worked with such brands as Estee Lauder, Ted Baker London, Vogue, Madonna, Mercedes Benz, Jimmy Fallon and Coach. And what’s best about Sarah is that the same passion that she brings to major brands she brings to individuals to help them build bold, incredibly consistent brands.

And while her clients brands speak volumes – what I found so interesting was her willingness to go off the beaten path to help you find the authentic you. Sarah and I recently met in person and I got to learn just how deep her abilities go. This podcast can help you think differently about your brand and go a little deeper with your personal message.

In this episode…

Sarah Ashman and her journey of finding her authentic you. 0:00

The gatekeeper that stops us from discovering our true selves within ourselves. 11:49

Sarah Ashman and her breath work – a tool to connect back to you. 17:23

Intentionally and consciously curating your brand. 20:55



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