Episode #129: Reconnecting to Your Worth

by | May 7, 2024

Episode #129: Reconnecting to Your Worth

by | May 7, 2024


Today’s episode talks about how you can go from feeling broken and settling for less, to owning your self-worth and really taking your power back in life. This is an important episode because even if you haven’t shifted your belief that you’re broken, you can start to own your self worth, set boundaries and live a life you dream of.

You can begin to have your needs met and begin to believe in yourself.

Today we’re going to talk about taking some of those steps and learning really how simple actions, both internal and external can help you feel more worthy as you begin to outgrow the belief of “I am broken, fix me!”


Show Notes: 

Take back your power. 0:00

Everything Linda has learned about self-worth. 2:30

Defining self-worth. 4:40

Linda’s personal story with broken and self-worth. 5:15

Since day one, you have been worthy. 8:00

The belief that you deserve more. 12:19

Say “no” once. 13:29


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