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Case Studies

It’s one thing for me to tell you this works, below you’ll be able to hear a little bit about how I help both individuals and teams achieve their goals through coaching and The WHY.os.tool.

Discover the results they’ve achieved and what’s possible for your business. Build momentum, increase revenue and achieve 7-figure growth.

Case Study Summary

Eliminate The Bottleneck Between CEO and COO To Build Momentum

  • Name: Nancy Levin
  • Company: Levin Life Coach Academy
  • Market: Life Coaching Training/Certification
  • Problem: Nancy wanted to ensure that she had a cohesive self-driven team as she was scaling her life-coach training school.
  • Success: Learning how to communicate with her COO, Nancy can take things off her plate and be sure they are handled in a way she might.

Getting A Better Understanding to Venture into New Territories

“My session was eye-opening and also incredibly affirming.  I feel like Linda uncovered the gold that is at the core of what I do, why – and how- that I hae known deep down was there – but hadn’t been able to articulate in such a clear and concise way. It was truly validating and helped to serve as a clarified lens through which I’ve been able to view the next aligned steps for my business (and beyond).”

Case Study Summary

Building Confidence to Leave and Lead His Own Business

  • Name: Jeremy Stolberg
  • Company: Tungsten Solutions
  • Market: Hospitality Consultation
  • Problem: Jeremy had long been in toxic business relationships and wanted to build the confidence and clarity to pursue his own business
  • Success: He left a toxic business relationship, experimented with working for another company until he realized he was fully ready to take the lead

Case Study Summary

Validating How She Shows Up In The World (Team member perspective)

  • Name: Jo Young
  • Company: Jo Young Coaching/Levin Life Coach Academy
  • Market: Life Coaching
  • Problem: She was a team member who was part of a WHY.os session to build team cohesiveness and leadership
  • Success: Even with a full toolbox, she was surprised how much this tool connected the dots and helped her see her strengths (and better market herself)

Crystal Thompson: Clearing Blocks and Building Momentum

“If you’ve ever thought that one hour isn’t enough time to change your life, think again. I’m a client and die’hard fan of all things Linda Perry, so it was a no-brainer to book a WHY.os session when her offer hit my inbox.

Truthfully, i didn’t think too much about my session, other than, ‘I can’t wait to work with Linda Perry again.’
This one hour was a complete game changer. Linda thoughtfully and eloquently broke down my personal WY.os, which gave immediate clarity as to why parts of my business have felt frustrating. Now that I understanding of WHY.os I feel free to operate my business as I’ve always wanted to. I can embrace my out-of-the-box-ness, without making it mean there’s something wrong with me.

Just today, one week after our session, I read through the post-session review Linda wrote for me before setting to work on my daily tasks. Without overthinking and searching the googles for what I ‘should’ do, I wrote a killer 5-email post-webinar sequence – IN JUST TWO HOURS; a task that would’ve taken me the better part of an entire week prior to understanding my WHY.os.

Friends. Run, do not walk to schedule your WHY.or session with Linda. You’ll thank yourself, I promise.”

Case Study Summary

Managing Director Uses WHY and Coaching to Lean Into Strengths, Lead & Take Charge of Business Owner’s Vision

  • Name: Ben Bishop
  • Company Name: The Lowe Group
  • Market: Financial PR & Digital Marketing Agency
  • Problem: Communication challenges between WHYs and stepping into greater leadership as a Managing Director to support the company mission
  • Success: Ben is currently leaning into his why, but remembering the importance of the business owner’s WHY in communication. He is also taking the lead to take things off her plate and step into a greater leadership role.