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In this episode I take a closer look at the story of my own mindset journey. One that kept me from even looking at what was going on in my own life and perpetuating bad patterns and habits long after I knew I was avoiding something. The truth is that many of us are scared to look at mindset – instead of working on our mindset we TRY anything else.

We implement strategies to avoid, we collect new skills and buy tons of courses, we hide and tell ourselves lies. . . . all in the name of not blowing up our life as it is. We stay comfortable in our discomfort and never do anything to change. I can tell you from experience that even when you’re avoiding blowing up your life or your business – it can happen anyway.

I blew up my life just as I was trying to avoid blowing it up and then perpetuated a bunch of bad patterns and habits as a result – because I painted myself into a real life corner. On this episode I share my personal journey of how I blew up my life anyway. Hopefully it can help you if you’ve been avoiding taking a closer look inside. 


In this episode…

Linda takes a deep dive into the mindset shifts she had to undergo after realizing she had blocks that needed addressing. 0:00

The life of a young mother and more stories Linda told herself keeping her stuck in a negative mindset place. 2:24

Your mindset has to come before all else, otherwise your world will blow up. 12:42

Writing out the reasons you worry and separating fact from fiction. 17:47



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