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I wanted to invite my friend, Kira Hug back to the podcast because Kira is someone I have observed intentionally work on getting to know herself and the shifts I’ve seen in her as a leader. Kira has always been thoughtful, caring of others and very deep – but as she gets to know how the world actually impacts her and how she wants to show up, I’ve seen her get more intentional about how she serves those in her circle.

Kira has graciously come back to talk about her own personal journey with how working on changing her habits and patterns – and getting to know herself better has helped her step into herself in a more powerful way. If you’re someone who does feel impacted by the world and is trying to figure out how you want to show up – this episode is for you.


In this episode…

Doing the work to show up how you want in the world, and in your business. 0:00

Kira’s path of growth. 3:50

Finding your gifts… 13:35

Creating positive habits. 19:05

Protection from the outside world with healthy habits. 25:07

What’s next for Kira Hug. 30:00

One piece of mindset advice Kira would love to share with others… 34:41

Tiny habits coach. 35:39

Enneagram sessions. 39:30



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