Episode #125:
The Two Story Fallacy: Why Brand Storytelling Can Feel So Hard with Lindsay Hotmire



Although we’ve talked about storytelling before on the podcast, I keep coming back to it because the truth is that there is something deep about connecting to our own personal story – it can elevate you or bring you to your knees. So, we have to be careful what stories we tell ourselves and the world. The more I experience life I know this to be true. So, on today’s podcast I wanted to bring Lindsay Hotmire on to share her take on storytelling – mostly because I enjoy reading her content and feel that she really seeks to understand her clients from the inside out. Lindsay herself has always felt like an old soul to me, but it turns out what makes her so good at brand storytelling has more to do with her own curiosity about herself, her values and her own mindset. I love how deeply Lindsay thinks about storytelling and really the way we show up in the world and I know you will too. I’m grateful she decided to join me for this special conversation.



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