Episode #127: The Impact of Feeling Like You’re Broken

by | Apr 23, 2024

Episode #127: The Impact of Feeling Like You’re Broken

by | Apr 23, 2024


We’d like to think that the thoughts in our head, stay in our head. That they don’t have impact on our lives, actions, or outer world. But the old adage of what you are or what you experience is what you think – is 100% true. Your perspective colors what you see – so even if you never tell anyone that you hold beliefs like “I feel broken”, chances are you are experiencing the impact of that belief in a multiple ways in your outer world.

In this episode I want to help you understand the impact of believing your broken and how repeated buy-in to that belief is likely limiting your growth and your life. I also discuss how simply creating awareness around the way you think, can begin to change it. The reality is that “I’m broken” has likely been playing in the background of all your other thoughts and actions – like a puppet master directing the show. But, when you shine a light on it, it can begin to lose its power. So let’s dive in.


Show Notes

Your perspective colors what you see. 0:00

The impact of – I am broken. 2:45

The belief of “I am broken” in Linda’s life. 6:11

I am broken causes you to upper limit. 8:16

Examine how broken is showing up for you. 11:15

Action step for you… and your limiting beliefs. 14:51


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