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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all only had one limiting belief we had to tackle in order to move on and be great? Like if I only had my stupid belief to contend with I’d have been fine a long time ago. And if that belief didn’t have tentacles and layers to it that drove my fears, my unconscious commitments and my actions – wouldn’t life be grand. Well, yes. The truth is that we have more than just limiting beliefs that hold us back, We have fears, resistance and unconscious commitments and years of conditioning that can make change hard. In this episode, I want to explain how all of the various things going on in your brain are actually interacting and causing a tapestry of beliefs that can make change hard – but not impossible. So, if you’re curious why you haven’t been able to achieve all those goals – tune in.

In this episode:

  • Linda introduces what limiting beliefs are. 0:56
  • Why your limiting beliefs are making you feel stuck. 3:26
  • The problem with resistance and how it creates a tapestry. 6:57
  • Why you can’t take action. 10:27
  • Questioning and demanding proof to unravel tapestry of beliefs 13:57
  • Questions to ask yourself. 15:10



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