Episode #111: Chronically Misbehaved: Why Some Mindset Strategies Don’t Work for ADHD with Per Andreasen

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Do mindset strategies work if you have conditions such as ADD or ADHD? The truth is that it absolutely can. But what’s worse is that if you’re someone who hasn’t recognized that you have ADHD until adulthood, chances are you’ve been carrying around some stories about who you are – misbehaved, unorganized, unmotivated or undisciplined and that can impact how far you really go in business and in life.

Today I sit down with my friend Per Andreasen who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until this past year. He explains why it helped him unlock a lot of answers to his life and how he can now actually apply mindset strategies in a whole new way.

This is a great episode for anyone who does struggle with ADHD or has struggled to implement mindset strategies – and what you can do first.


In this episode…

Per’s personal journey to his discovery of ADHD and his diagnosis. 0:00

Story telling and meaning making with ADHD. 12:10

Procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing. 18:14

Mindset relief outside of structures for those with ADHD. 25:35

Contributing factors to ADHD. 27:30

What has changed since Per’s diagnosis in his personal life and business. 30:21

Per’s gift from having ADHD. 34:26

Where do you get started to finding yourself. 37:33



Your Brain’s Not Broken

ADHD 2.0



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