Episode #113: Breaking Past 6 Figures: The Mindset It Really Takes with Chris Orzechowski

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I often talk about how there is an entrepreneurial ceiling that many business owners struggle to get past. They are able to get their business up and running, but inevitably hit a financial plateau and find themselves working too hard, not having the freedom they want and still unable to invest in the resources they need to grow bigger. It’s often where business owners get stuck, start to resent their business and have to make a tough decision – do they continue on this path, or do they give up and go get a job. Today, on the podcast I sit down with Chris Orzechowski to talk about how to bust through that ceiling and the mindset it takes to become a 7 figure business.

In this episode: 

  • Linda introduces Chris Orzechowski. 1:50
  • Chris connects his experience as an athlete to entrepreneurship. 6:03
  • Not allowing yourself a way out to get to seven figures. 11:02
  • The mindset and experience growing from six to seven figures. 13:25
  • Separating yourself from your business 15:50
  • The importance of experimentation. 19:02
  • Staying on track with your vision. 24:30
  • Chris’s cellphone analogy. 29:34
  • Believing in yourself to get the outcome you want. 33:26
  • Two things leading to burnout. 36:28
  • What’s next on the horizon for Chris. 40:11

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