Episode #110: The Mistaken Introvert: Why You’re Really Exhausted from Interaction

by | Nov 8, 2022

Episode #110: The Mistaken Introvert: Why You’re Really Exhausted from Interaction

by | Nov 8, 2022

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This is an episode I’ve been excited to share for some time. And as an extrovert this might seem like a bit of a funny one for me to deliver – actually I think I might categorize me more as an ambivert because I do love my alone recovery time as much as I love my energizing time out with people.

But, here’s something I’ve noticed. There are people out there who might be incorrectly diagnosing themselves as introverts – or actually might be feeling some things they ascribe to introversion that has nothing to do with being an introvert. Here’s what I’m talking about today – there are a ton of you out there that are leaving networking events, small group interactions, 1 on 1 interactions – feeling exhausted. And you might say to yourself – oh, it’s because I’m an introvert.

But what if it’s actually something else – something you can shift and feel like you can actually get energized by the interactions you have with others? Today on the podcast, I want to talk about the mistaken introvert and how you can begin to feel less exhausted from your interaction with others.


In this episode:

The incorrect diagnosis of introversion. 0:00

Being seen for who you are. 5:17

The mask we wear – and, yes, this applies to extroverts too. 6:55

The human need to belong. 10:48

The stories we tell ourselves and the masks we wear. 12:43

Wearing masks means we’re disconnected from the world and what’s happening around us. 18:38

Engaging how YOU want to – being other-focused while remaining self-focused. 20:59

The action steps you can take to create positive shifts. 22:13



Carl Jung


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