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I sometimes hear from business owners who tell me that they don’t dare put their vision for their business (or life) on paper because they don’t want to be disappointed if they don’t get it. They fear that if they put it on paper it means they won’t get it – or alternatively, if they put it on paper and they do get it – that they then have to manage the dream.

Both options can be scary, but the truth is that fear can cloud your ability to dream for your business or see what you even want for your business. Instead we end up consistently chasing some unknown goal that never feels complete or fulfilling.

On this week’s episode of The Mindset First Podcast I share how fear can cloud your clarity and how to move past fear to dream bigger. 


In this episode…

Why do you need the clear business vision? 0:00

What Fear tells you. 6:08

The role of fear. 8:50

Fear of not getting what you want. 9:48

If you’re not dreaming big, you’re being held back by fear. 14:00

Dreams are an invitation to get what YOU want. 17:28


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