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The last time I had Jude on my podcast, it turned out to be one of my favorite conversations and one of the reasons I wanted this season of the Mindset First Podcast to go deeper. Jude helps business owners leverage the power of storytelling to grow his business – but somehow we don’t ever really get to that topic because this time I invited Jude back to talk about what it means to have relentless courage in business.

Jude has worked with 7 figure businesses to grow their business using documentaries – but now he’s in a bit of a transition that many might think is crazy. Or at the very least contrary to what most do in business. But that’s who Jude is and how he has actually grown his life and self in ways that many of us don’t even dare.

I hope this episode inspires you to think about your own life and what it means to have relentless courage.


In this episode…

Welcoming back Jude Charles! 0:00

Jude’s new book. 5:06

Attracting premium clients as a business tool for growth. 9:01

The gift of burnout. 11:50

Relentless courage in your business. 21:37

You have to be before you can do. 29:09

Jude’s journey to self evolution. 33:25

Core values and your business. 44:31

Why is relentless courage so important? 50:17

Jude’s next-steps. 53:03



Dramatic Demonstration, How to Attract Premium Clients and Scale Your Business with Visual Storytelling by Jude Charles

Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt

Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger

Episode #67 on the Mindset First Podcast: How Entrepreneurs Bring Their Stories to Life with Video with Jude Charles



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