Episode #99: The Real Reason You Get Off Track & Abandon Your Goals

by | Jul 19, 2022

Episode #99: The Real Reason You Get Off Track & Abandon Your Goals

by | Jul 19, 2022

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This past weekend I attended a conference in Orlando where I had the honor of delivering the keynote speech on redefining success and optimizing your business. But before I ever began the speech, I asked business owners what they most wanted for their business in the next year and what they thought got in the way.

Overwhelmingly, people wanted a business that generated more money and flowed better – but the most stated reason they shared was that they didn’t have the time or money to implement what they wanted. It’s a common problem for business owners – but is that it? Is that the real reason why your goals get off track and your business doesn’t look like you want it to?

This week on the Mindset First Podcast I share the real reason you might be getting off track and how you can learn to commit better to your goals.


In this episode…

Learn how to grow your business and make more money without getting off track. 0:00

Why a lack of time is a byproduct, not the real problem. 3:56

The dream or wishlist goals – and why that’s a problem. 6:41

Most goals aren’t clear enough. 9:04

Creating strategic wins for yourself. 10:22

The cost of head trash in your business. 11:03

The someday fantasy with your business. 12:58

The six steps to help you tackle your head trash. 14:10



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