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As a service provider who directly works with clients one-on-one, the time in exchange for money game can get tiring. But should you add digital products to help you create other means of revenue? The truth is that it feels like every service provider now also has a digital product to help create so-called passive revenue. But how do you know what’s right for you? And how do you deal with some of the mindset traps that come from putting out a product?

This week I invited Katie Hunt the founder of Proof to Product, to help us get the answer. She’s a business strategist and mentor to product-based entrepreneurs. But this week – she’s come to the Mindset First Podcast to help me answer the question of when is the right time to add a digital product – and what we should consider! 

This brought a lot of clarity to me even for my own business and can’t wait for you to listen to her sage advice.


In this episode…

Introducing Kate Hunt to the Mindset First Podcast! 0:00 

Delving into Katie’s journey. 3:10

Is adding a digital product right for you as a service provider? 7:31

The four main lens to look through when establishing your product. 10:47

Creating something compelling and right for your audience 14:03

Tangible products – the endless options and impact. 23:15

Starting point for your business products. 27:00

How digital product impact visibility as a business owner. 30:25



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