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On this week’s episode of the Mindset First Podcast, I tackle an important topic – unconscious commitments. The reality is that many business owners will say they want next level growth in their business – but find themselves taking steps back, self-sabotaging and not taking action in important areas of their business. It can be a constant source of frustration for some – and pretty confusing because deep down in your soul you want more for your business and yourself – but you can’t seem to make it happen.

This episode answers the question why sometimes it can seem as if we’re unable to create the growth we say we want and why we see a discrepancy in our businesses. This episode may answer all those questions for you and give you a tool to help you finally take action.

In this episode…

Uncovering unconscious commitments. 0:00

Identity foreclosure. 7:37

Learning to shift our commitments. 8:41