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On this week’s podcast episode, I dive into the topic of owning your voice in making an impact.

I think these days as our personal lives and business lives blend more and more as entrepreneurs (especially service based online business owners), it can be extremely difficult to discern your own voice from others and how far to take your own voice. I won’t lie – in the face of the Supreme Court decision this past week, I questioned how strong my voice needs to be because in my personal life I tend to be pretty strong. But does that serve my business? Does that alienate or include those who need the mindset work I do to have real conversations.

This week I explore the idea of voice and the impact you want to make in your business. I hope this helps you draw the line for yourself. 

In this episode…

Standing in your own voice and making an impact. 0:00

Looking outside ourselves to define ourselves, and our voice. 6:29

The reason business’ alienate their audience. 8:32

Consistency matters in your voice. 13:30

The closer you get to your own voice, the easier business growth will be. 14:29



Sarah Ashman’s podcast episode, Connecting Back To You With Your Brand, with Linda Perry.


Sarah Ashman Podcast on the Mindset First Podcast.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.


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