Episode #91: Perfect your pre-launch strategy to get more sales with Ash Chow

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When it comes to launching your products or services, there is a ton of talk in the marketing world about what you should do during your launch to maximize your sales. But there is this period before the launch that most business owners forget about or neglect – or to be honest, don’t know what to do with, so they simply focus all their efforts around messaging and nurture to the launch. And that leaves a lot of money on the table that goes unclaimed.

So, when I started to learn more about what Ash Chow was teaching business owners with digital products, my ears perked up. Ash is an Australian based copywriter who teaches business owners around the world how to improve their sales on day one of their launch by focusing their attention on pre-launch strategies. Instead of packing all your efforts into the end, Ash shares how you can actually pack more of a power punch by starting your efforts earlier.

I love what Ash has to share and have worked with her to talk about my own strategies. There is a ton to learn from this episode and she even spills some of her own mindset stories about getting into this space!

In this episode…

Learn how to sell your products on repeat in pre-launch strategy with Ash Chow 0:00

A little bit about Ash and how she got into her business. 3:09

How Ash ended up in the area of pre-launch strategies. 9:33

What does pre-launch mean? 12:31

The difference between a belief and an objection to your content. 14:36

The power framework – five key objectives to get pre-launch to work for your business. 17:23

The runway before the power framework. 19:46

The POWER framework in depth. 23:46

The POWER framework implemented into your business. 32:33

Honing in on pre-launch strategy and how it impacts you during your launch. 35:56



Ash Chow’s POWER Framework



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