Episode #92: I’ll Work On This Later & Other Mindset Traps That Halt Success

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It’s easy to push business strategies off to the side – especially when life and business get busy. You tell yourself you’ll get to it later, only to push ideas off to the side repeatedly as your incompletions list grows. You tell yourself you wish you had more time, but nothing really changes. Later becomes never, and your business stalls.

This is the time where satisfaction and joy starts to take a big dip for business owners. In this episode, I take a closer look at how the “I’ll work on this later” is really costing your business and some simple things you can do to overcome procrastination and increase productivity and growth in your business.


In this episode…

Why the statement, “I’ll do this later,” is detrimental to your business 0:00

How procrastination shows up in your business 3:10

Procrastination in terms of costs in your business. 6:27

Being aware of subtle behaviors helps shape the way you show up in your business. 10:01


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