Episode #90: The YES Mindset: Being More Adventurous With Your Business

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Although I’m a big fan of saying no to things that sap your time, I’m also a proponent of experimenting in your business and saying YES to things that help you grow, excite you and push you out of your comfort zone. This week I dive into why so many of us stay attached to all of our shoulds and don’t say YES enough to the things that we would love to be doing more of in our business.

The idea of experimenting has been a big topic in my groups and programs and this week, I want to help you adopt a YES mindset and become more adventurous in your business so you can grab onto that freedom, fun, time and intentional money in your business.

In this episode…

Adopting the mindset of YES and the easier it gets to say “yes!” for your business. 0:00

Looking at the four pillars of business and seeing where we are called to be bigger, to experiment more in our business. 9:17

What happens when you adopt the experimental mindset and saying YES to you and your business. 11:47

Look at where your fears are dictating your behaviors. 13:48



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