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On today’s podcast I sit down with two people who started out as my mentors and have now become partners in helping people grow their business and manage their mindset.

Rob Marsh & Kira Hug are the founders of The Copywriter Club, an organization that supports over 14,000 members to help them launch and grow their own businesses in the copywriting field. They also host a series of programs, including a think tank mastermind and a live event that brings together people from all around the globe to connect, conspire and learn more about business growth.

I’ve invited them here because they started off as unlikely partners to form a group that has been instrumental in launching others’ careers and know a little bit about the importance of picking the RIGHT partner when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

They’ve also invited me in to support their members – and I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be involved with these two. This is a great opportunity for you to listen in if you’ve been wondering who you should partner with to take YOU to the next level.


In this episode…

Rob Marsh and Kira Hug discuss The Copywriter Club and how they got started. 0:00

What is The Copywriter Club and how can it serve you? 7:59

What goes into seeking out a partner and the reasons why you should have a business partner. 10:30

Picking a partner to compliment you and your business idea. 14:05

What does the role of partnership add onto your business in terms of taking it to the next level. 18:21

Their roles in a group setting as partners and combatting group think. 22:52

Trust between business partners reflects back to the people you attract. 27:39

The Copywriter Club in real life – an integral event for The Copywriter Club. 29:28

Expanding the copywriter club team! 32:29

Details about The Copywriter Club in Real life. 37:53



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