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If you have a book idea that’s been sitting inside you ready to get out, then I know today’s guest can help you launch your ideas.

Today Dr. Cindy Childress, expert ghostwriter and book editor shares how writing that book will help you grow your business and bring in the clients you desire – but you got to get it on paper. I talk to Cindy about the head trash that gets in the way for most business owners who want to write a book and she offers some great tips on how you can move past your struggles to write that book!

She also shares how to come up your big idea that your audience is ready to read! I was definitely inspired and motivated and hope if you’ve been sitting on an idea – that this episode gets you over the hump. 


In this episode…

Linda Perry welcomes Dr. Cindy Childress, editor and ghostwriter, as she goes into detail about how she got started. 0:00

What is a ghostwriter and what does a ghostwriter do? 9:03

What is the head trash that exists in people who want to write a book, but then get stuck? 12:01

Is there a right time to write a book? 16:30

How does a book really help you leverage your business? 18:54

Marketing your book and why a lot of people get stuck there. 21:30

Your book is opening a door for conversation with you in your world. 23:01

How to be your own ghost writer. 25:03

How to get out of your head trash when you’ve fallen behind on writing. 28:19

How as an author you can become vulnerable and open up in your book. 32:31



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