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On this week’s podcast, I want to talk about something that I see more of as a repetitive cycle in many of our businesses rather than a state of being – and that is burnout. We hear a lot about burnout from entrepreneurs and that’s because burnout is really something that is associated with our work stressors more than anything else – and the truth is that when we get to burnout, all we want to do is rest, talk about something fun AND not talk about mindset.

But the truth is that I wanted to tackle this topic because it truly sabotages success and unless and until we see how WE (yes, I’m gonna call us all out) actually create a cycle of burnout – it will be impossible to stop it or to see a way out. Burnout creates more stop/start problems in business than other mindset struggles because sometimes burnout ends up being the only coping mechanism we have when things get tough.

So, I’m hoping that by listening, you’ll start to see your own patterns so that you can powerfully dig your way out of burnout for good!

In this episode…

What is burnout and where you’ll see burnout in your business. 0:00

Introducing the three key pillars of burnout. 3:09

The signs of burnout… and how to confront your burnout. 4:53

How are you responsible for your own burnout? 11:38

Linda’s personal experience with burnout and how it affected her, her personal life and her business. 13:43

Discernment as a solution to burnout. 17:29

How did I co-create the burnout in my business? 19:41


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