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I don’t always talk about subjects that are bright and sunny on this podcast because sometimes when we face the truth about how we feel in our business or about our business – we can finally make the changes we need to inspire growth and improve our lives.

The truth is that we’re so used to being uncomfortable or dissatisfied in the current state of our lives or business that we don’t talk about some of the things that make being a business owner hard – which is why this year I am vowing to tackle some of those topics, both on my podcast and in my programs.

Which is why this week I wanted to talk about loneliness and isolation in entrepreneurship and how we can combat this ever growing epidemic. This isn’t something we have to put up with -suffering in silence isn’t noble – it’s actually business crushing and at times soul crushing. And it might even be showing up in surprising ways.

Today on the podcast, we cover the topic of entrepreneurial isolation and loneliness and just how it’s showing up – and stopping your business growth.


In This Episode…

Linda introduces what entrepreneur isolation and loneliness means for you and your business. 0:00

Taking a look at how entrepreneurial loneliness and isolation is affecting you and your business. 6:08

Linda shares an example of isolation and loneliness from one of her client’s and the indecision around a launch date. 7:41

The entrepreneurial ceiling is crowded… and you can only get so far. 9:50

Look for Who, Not How… 14:19

Identify the people in your circle who are your WHO’s… and join Linda’s workshop on February 28th. 18:59


Cigna Health Statistics on loneliness and isolation

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan

Linda Perry’s workshop: Put an end to entrepreneurial loneliness and isolation and build the confidence to thrive in your business.


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