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On today’s podcast I sit down and talk with solo business owner, mentor and female leader, Fabienne Fredrickson about the power of female leadership in uncertain times. Fabienne focuses on taking stressed out women (and heart centered men) and shows them how to leverage their business and financial growth while making the impact they want.

This is a discussion for both men and women to truly embrace the idea that we can all lean into female leadership and female methods to grow more sanely and intentionally.

Fabienne and I share many of the same views when it comes to scaling, growth and really leading intentionally. I have followed Fabienne for years and it’s fun to sit down with her for this powerful conversation. 

In this episode…

Linda introduced Fabienne Fredrickson as the founder and business owner of Leveraged Business and Bold Heart. 0:00

Fabienne’s story behind her successful business by embracing the feminine after her a-ha moment. 4:28

The importance of bringing out your feminine energy as a balancing act with your masculine energy and setting intentions. 13:57

Connecting with both masculine and feminine in mindset and your business. 18:36

Anything in the world that’s not working is off balance, bringing in more femininity and how to translate that to your business. 29:57

Finding a balance helps you define what scaling your business looks like. 32:04

The eight essential pieces and leveraging them as an essential piece in your business and life. 38:40

You have a billion dollars, the caveat? You still have to work. What would you go do? 42:09

Women’s safety and money. 45:59


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The Leveraged Business Book


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