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One question every business owner asks themselves over and over is how can I be more successful? And the truth is that the answer we seek is often in the doing and gathering of information, but in the end, accumulating information and staying busy, doesn’t have anything to do with real leverage growth.

You have to first clear the head trash that’s blocking you and to create a mindset first strategy that slows you down and builds your business intentionally. This episode is a little peek inside what I do as a success strategist and why I think it’s important to see your head trash play out in all the different ways as you grow.

I’ll share with you how you can get better at predicting your personal patterns and maybe see how you don’t have to stay stuck in the limiting beliefs that hold you back about yourself. The world. Even your own success. I’m hoping you walk away with some greater clarity on what building success means for you and why it’s really all in your head.

In this episode…

An introduction to why business success is all in your head. 0:00

Your brain is the downloads folder… And how to delete some of that clutter. 2:39

Linda shares a story that touches on her childhood and how the overarching message of suffering equating to success drove her adult life. 4:24

The crowded entrepreneurial ceiling and our definition of success as not our own. 10:34

Linda isn’t just a mindset coach… She’s a success strategist for four main reasons. 14:23

Taking a look in the rear view mirror, looking at your past decisions to better inform your future as a business owner. 17:51

Linda gives you some tools for you to start to shift your head trash. 20:58

Actionable steps to take that shift your mindset and allow you to dismantle the road blocks in your way of success 25:25


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