Episode 76: Digital Nomadism: Live Life On Your Own Terms with Francis Nayan

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It used to be that working abroad was reserved for expats of large companies like Motorola or other tech firms. I can actually remember being in my 20’s working for Motorola before I went to law school – watching families pack up their lives and move to amazing places like Hong Kong or Singapore for a few years and experience something that few of us could even imagine. Working abroad for the average entrepreneur was something that just didn’t happen.

But as more and more of us expand our ideas of working from home – and really working from anywhere, the popularity of digital nomadism has really exploded. I personally am one who loves to work from anywhere and love being as flexible as humanly possible. I want to be able to pick up my laptop and have internet to connect with people – no matter where I am. And I’m not alone.

On today’s episode, I sit down with my friend Francis Nayan to talk about this concept of Digital Nomadism and how you can actually make it work for you. This isn’t a concept that’s available just for people in their 20’s. More and more people want to know how to make it work at every stage of life. And Francis shares some of the essential components of being able to work from anywhere as an entrepreneur – including the mindset that it takes to make this work.


In this episode…

Digital Nomadism… What is it and a little bit about Francis Nayan. 0:00 – 3:40

Francis’ decision to become a digital nomad and the work he does today. 3:40 – 6:04

Digital nomadism, being location independent, and that dude with the man bun who loves yoga. 6:04 – 10:20

Creating a community for yourself as a digital nomad. 10:20 – 13:24

Enjoying the nomad lifestyle while still finding the motivation to be productive and stick to your schedule. 13:24 – 16:21

Setting boundaries with yourself to sustain your business. 16:21 – 20:50

COVID and how it’s shifted digital nomadism. 20:50 – 23:37

Being a digital nomad and still being forward-thinking while living in the present moment. 23:37 – 26:50

The benefits to being a digital nomad. 26:50 – 27:56

If you want to be a digital nomad, here’s how to prepare for that mindset shift. 27:56 – 32:26

Francis’ Nomad Newsletter. 34:17 – 37:42

Francis’ book: Nomadic and Happy, six steps to becoming a well-paid and digital freelancer. 37:42 – 41:06



Boundless Life


The Nomad Retreat by Michele Le


Email: contact@francisnayan.com

Francis’ Website 

Francis’ Instagram 

Francis’ Newsletter – The Nomad Newsletter

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