Episode #73: Create Your Statement Piece & Dominate Your Corner of the Market With Hillary Weiss

by | Jan 4, 2022

Episode #73: Create Your Statement Piece & Dominate Your Corner of the Market With Hillary Weiss

by | Jan 4, 2022

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One of the biggest challenges for competent business owners is how do you take your ideas and turn them into statement pieces that will captivate your audience and draw people in. On today’s episode, I’m excited to share with you Hillary Weiss, who I can only describe as having monster creativity and magnetism that you’ll want to experience yourself. Hillary and I talk about how so many of us struggle because we can’t seem to catch the eye of the people we want to attract. We might be super competent in what we do, but we can’t seem to draw the attention of the people we truly want. Hillary and I met a few years ago at a conference and what has always struck me about her is how she has that “thing” that almost hits you in the face – but not in a bad way. Rather in that I want more of that in my life kind of way. And that’s really what Hillary does as a creative brand director – she helps personality driven brands become unforgettable. And today on the podcast, she shares some of her expertise and brilliance so you can start to implement some of that for YOUR business. I’m excited for you to listen to Hillary – there’s no way you won’t feel energized after this episode.

In this episode…

Linda Perry introduces Hillary Weiss. 0:00 – 4:00

A statement piece makes you radically relevant to your perfect people. 4:00 – 5:09

Hillary’s backstory and how she decided this was her specialty. 5:09 -10:44

How stand authentically in your brand. 10:44 – 21:50

Having a brand that makes sense to you, the business owner. 21:50 – 26:03

You can’t build a brand on what you think you owe people. 26:03 – 31:24

Celebrate yourself and your wins. 31:24 – 34:18

Having and keeping resilience in your business. 34:18 – 46:50

What’s next for Hillary and where to connect with her! 46:50



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