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For this last episode of the year, I share with you a practice I engage in every year and invite my clients to do the same. Instead of engaging in picking New Year’s resolutions or swearing things will be different in the upcoming year, I encourage you to refocus on your business vision and pick a single word that will help you bring that vision to life.

A single word can be a powerful tool to help you anchor into your vision and make better choices in the future. It can be a word that reminds you of the lessons you’ve needed to learn and how much you’re ready to grow.

This short episode will help you rethink the strategies and tools you use to keep you focused and motivated in your business well beyond anything you’ve used up until this point. I’m excited to share my word with you in this episode and encourage you to reach out and share yours! Let’s hold this powerful intention together.

In This Episode:

Why picking out a single word is important to start the new year. 1:58

Understanding yourself is the key to finding the word meant for you. 1:58 – 5:48

Your mindset beliefs holding you back from finding that one right word for you. 5:48 – 7:03

How to pick your one word that will lead you into the New Year. 7:03 – 10:00

Linda’s previous word of the year and why sitting with a list is important. 10:00 – 11:52

Linda’s word of the year: supported. 11:52 – 14:29

The one word you pick to embody in the New Year is your anchor. 14:29 – 15:30

The two questions that’ll help you put your word into the present moment. 15:30 – 16:48

Challenge you pick your word and share it! 16:48 – 17:52


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