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Do you remember what it feels like to dream big. When we’re young, we’re told to dream big and go after what we want – only when we try to do that, we have people knocking us down, judging our choices and urging us to play safe.

It’s no wonder that after a couple of tries, you give up on your dreams and follow what others tell you to do. It can be easy to lose our inner compass and think we don’t even know – but the truth is it’s important to tap into your dreams if you want to find greater success. Without dreams, there’s no real direction and we end up living a life that’s ordained to be ok at best and resigned at worst.

During this episode, I want to help you tap into this idea of dreaming big – without always reverting back to the question of how or automatically dismissing your ability to do it. Because when you can place yourself back into your dreams – a world you forgot about – or never even knew existed opens back up to you.

In this episode…

Dreams are our inner compass in guiding us towards our wants. 0:00 – 1:20

Dreaming big outside the four walls of the playbook 2:24 – 9:34

Your definition of success and how it plays into your big dream. 9:34 – 12:33

The fears and limiting beliefs stopping you from daring to dream big. 12:33 – 14:59

Daring to dream leads you to your vision. 14:59 – 16:46

Building momentum to achieve your visions, the goals you set for yourself from your big dreams. 16:46 – 18:51

Dare to dream and share, share, share. 18:51 – 19:23


Dare To Dream Exercise by Linda Perry

What type of business owner are you by Linda Perry


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