Episode #54: Confidence Is A Verb: How to Build Greater Confidence for Your Business with Brook McCarthy

by | Aug 24, 2021

Episode #54: Confidence Is A Verb: How to Build Greater Confidence for Your Business with Brook McCarthy

by | Aug 24, 2021

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Do you find marketing your business excruciatingly difficult because you don’t feel like you have the confidence to sell yourself or even talk about your business? Let alone ask for the money to be paid what you’re worth.

This is a topic I feel that I hear about on a daily basis. It can be super debilitating, especially if you’re filled with doubts, imposter complex and fear. You might even be looking at others and wish you had the confidence they had to go and talk about your business the way they did. Well today is the day I hope you can stop wishing.

On today’s episode of the Mindset First Podcast, I dive into a deep conversation with Brook McCarthy about confidence and how to really find the confidence you need to put yourself out into the world. Brook is the owner of Hustle and Heart, and she focuses on people-centric marketing, helping you tap into your creativity, your empathy, and making your business marketing far more valuable and powerfully relevant to the people that you serve.

Today she talks about this idea that confidence is actually a verb. You can’t wait for it to come find you, but instead you have to develop some strategies and techniques to help you grow. We talk a lot about how this isn’t about the law of attraction, but instead about building the kind of business you truly want.

I love Brook’s honesty, her humor, and even her admission that she used to think mindset wasn’t about her. So take some time today to listen and see how some of her strategies can help you become more visible in your business.


 In this episode:

  • Digital marketing before social media. 3:00
  • Looking at internalized resistance to mindset work. 6:25
  • The way pride and hustle culture impacts business owners. 11:00
  • Why is confidence such an important element to growing your business? 14:55
  • Thinking about confidence as a verb in our lives and businesses. 18:50
  • Critiquing yourself and your work. 22:05
  • Understanding what self-care really looks like. 27:00
  • Building structures for self-care. 31:40
  • Finding confidence now within your past experiences. 37:15
  • Finding your story and standing in your confidence. 43:35


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