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So this week I’m celebrating. It’s almost hard to believe but Mindset First is a year old. I’ve completed 52 episodes and we are heading into year two. But before we do, I wanted to talk about the importance of celebration in your business. You may be tempted to skip over this episode because celebrating almost seems obvious. But, this week I explore how we skip over celebrating and why it’s actually a hugely important part of growing your business to the next level.

Join me for this important celebration this week because I’m throwing us all a party.


In this episode:

  • Looking back at the last year. 1:55
  • The power of celebration and what it means to celebrate. 3:10
  • Our expectations around humility. 4:30
  • Our instinct to focus on what we could have done better. 6:00
  • Internalized beliefs around celebration. 8:15
  • The benefits of taking the time to celebrate. 10:20
  • Reflecting on your growth in the moment. 14:45
  • Putting this into practice. 16:30
  • One year of the Mindset First Podcast. 18:20
  • What’s coming in year two of Mindset First? 19:30


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