Episode #52: Can You Be Generous and Still Charge for Your Services?

by | Aug 10, 2021

Episode #52: Can You Be Generous and Still Charge for Your Services?

by | Aug 10, 2021

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Have you noticed how there continues to be this growing backlash against bro marketing and what I call glam girl marketing? Where the norm is to charge a premium and show off everything you’ve got. While only allegedly working 20 hours a week.

And part of that backlash has led to this movement toward ethical launching. Toward a conversation of gift economy, toward being super generous. And this concept of gift economy is allowing people to charge what they think you’re worth and what they can afford. But is this a convenient way to sidestep your own discomfort with selling or owning your own worth?

On this episode, I take a deeper dive into some of the blocks that keep us from standing in our own worth, while striking a balance with your values of wanting to be generous, helping others, and sharing your services in the world. Look the line isn’t always clear, but this episode is really designed to help you see where that line might be for you and allow you to see where you might be really just hiding behind desires to be liked. Being seen as good or generous, and maybe where you avoid being seen as greedy even.

So if you’ve been grappling with this and how do you stop yourself from feeling anxiety or being driven by two agendas: one being generous and one charging your worth. This episode can give you more clarity around where that line is for you.


In this episode:

  • The backlash against “bro marketing”. 2:50
  • The emergence of the “gift economy”. 4:20
  • Money mindset and charging your worth as a business owner. 5:20
  • Your core values and the way you view money. 7:15
  • How to tell the difference between generosity and giving away too much. 9:10
  • How to charge your worth when you want to help others. 14:40
  • Knowing your value. 16:30
  • Identifying your own limiting beliefs. 19:00
  • Is there space for generosity while still charging your worth? 21:30


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