Episode #51: Power Your Business With the Enneagram with Kristen Edwards

by | Aug 3, 2021

Episode #51: Power Your Business With the Enneagram with Kristen Edwards

by | Aug 3, 2021

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Oh my gosh, this episode. I am so excited to share with you this interview with Kristen Edwards. Because this is going to give you a new window into how to truly use the Enneagram to power your business.

Now, I know it feels almost trendy to know your Enneagram and how it impacts your life. But the truth is that the Enneagram is more than a personality quiz. It can actually give you a lot of insight about yourself, how to grow your business, how to build a team, how to communicate better, and truly how to look at the different aspects of yourself so you can start to scale your business with greater ease.

So this week on the Mindset First Podcast, I do sit down with Kristen Edwards and talk to her about understanding your Enneagram type. And how it can do anything from helping you design your offers, structure the way you work, build the team that compliments your personal strengths. It’s so insightful.

Kirsten Edwards is a leadership consultant and host of the Amplify Ambition Podcast. She believes that knowing more about personality types and working styles is the key to unlock success that will grow both life and business. The thing I really love about this episode is that Kristen and I share this belief that you don’t have to do all the things everyone tells you in order to build a highly successful business. And instead it begins with figuring out who you are and what works for you that will ultimately lead you to being super successful.

This is an episode that I hope you listen to over and over again and share with your friends. So let’s dive in.


In this episode:

  • Kristen’s path from corporate to weddings to Enneagrams. 3:25
  • What is the Enneagram? 8:00
  • The importance of the Enneagram in your business. 11:45
  • Using the Enneagram to tap into your Zone of Genius. 20:40
  • Does your Enneagram type change over time? 30:20
  • Understanding burnout and overwhelm through the Enneagram. 35:10
  • Using your Enneagram practically within the building of your business. 40:10
  • Where and how to take an Enneagram test. 46:20


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