Episode #50: Move Into Your Next Chapter of Life with Clarity with Barbie Boules

by | Jul 27, 2021

Episode #50: Move Into Your Next Chapter of Life with Clarity with Barbie Boules

by | Jul 27, 2021

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On today’s podcast, I sit down with a certified health coach, a Barbie Boules, and we talk about what it really means to move into the next chapter of your life with strength, confidence, clarity, and true authenticity.

One of the cool things about Barbie is, is that she dared to find a niche in the wellness space that nobody wants to talk about. She works with women who are in that perimenopause space, and she talks about what it really took to actually do something that everybody told her “wasn’t sexy”.

We often get stuck in this place of fear and unsure of what comes next. And sitting down and talking to Barbie is really a reminder of how do we follow our passions and how do we really become a master of what comes next? Barbie’s ability to trust herself, to remain passionate and to help and connect with other women is amazing. Her wisdom about how do you mindfully move forward in your business is super powerful. And not just chase the money.

We both talk a lot about how we spent years really going after low-hanging fruit. Or the things that we thought we should be doing. So Barbie’s episode is really powerful if you want to get a little uncomfortable, if you want to learn something about what wellness means in your business, and how do you take that bold step to do what you truly want. You won’t want to miss this episode.


In this episode:

  • The evolution of Barbie’s business. 5:15
  • Making the decision to transition to work that’s less comfortable. 9:15
  • The importance of showing up as your authentic self within your business. 11:40
  • Working in a space that isn’t comfortable for most people. 14:20
  • Helping people during life transitions. 16:30
  • Identifying energy drains in your daily life and how they impact you. 18:20
  • Prioritizing your energy enhancers. 23:00
  • The importance of strong and supportive relationships. 26:55
  • Finding physical activity that works for you. 31:05
  • Finding joy and gratitude in the day-to-day. 34:15
  • Doing work that’s meaningful to you. 38:30


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