Episode #45: Crush Your Bland Brand – With the World’s Strongest Copywriter

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What is it like to have a brand where you get to show up wearing track suits and lifting weights? I love having marketers come on here to share how they came up with their personal brand strategy and how you too can learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Per Andreasen markets himself as The World’s Strongest Copywriter and today shares how stepping out of a bland brand helped him crush his mindset and grow his business. He works with clients in the fitness and wellness space and can help them stand out from the crowd by ditching the bland.

Today we sit down for a purposeful conversation about brand and how he really values his mindset work as a way to grow his business.


In this episode:

  • What is conversion copywriting? 4:00
  • Becoming the World’s Strongest Copywriter. 5:30
  • Common pitfalls of identifying and naming your brand. 8:15
  • The impact your brand can have on your business. 11:40
  • Finding your own unique brand name. 13:00
  • What makes you mad? And how can that help your brand? 17:15
  • Finding the common ground between what you like and what is relevant to your audience. 19:30
  • How nailing your brand can change your mindset. 23:25
  • How standing in your brand can improve your growth. 29:00


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