Episode #43: Overcome the Fear of Getting Started

by | Jun 8, 2021

Episode #43: Overcome the Fear of Getting Started

by | Jun 8, 2021

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Whether you’re just starting out or are in that stage where you have to shake things up in order to grow, one of the hardest things for business owners is to move past the fear of getting started. You worry about making the wrong decisions, failing, being unsure which direction that you have to take, or even being overwhelmed by how much there is to do. So you sit and end up procrastinating, doing nothing or redoing something a hundred times in the name of perfection.

So this week I wanted to tackle a problem I see over and over for entrepreneurs: getting over the inertia that is driven by fear. This is one of those episodes you may not know that you need, but once you listen, you’re going to see how important it is if you’re trying to move forward and keep bumping into stumbling blocks, or feel the pull of your fears moving you in a different direction.

So I’m excited for you to tune in and let’s get started.


In this episode:

  • How fear might be showing up in your business, even if you don’t see it happening. 2:30
  • Taking risks in your business vs playing it safe. 4:55
  • Identifying the voice of fear in your head. 8:20
  • Learning to see fear as a separate component of your self. 12:55
  • Engaging with your fears as opposed to being driven by them. 14:30
  • Recognizing the important role fear plays in your life. 17:45
  • One change to make this week to help you get started. 19:30


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