Episode #42: Rebel Nutrition to Support Your Business

by | Jun 1, 2021

Episode #42: Rebel Nutrition to Support Your Business

by | Jun 1, 2021

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Today we’re shifting gears a bit and talking about the importance of nutrition and preventative health as a business owner. I personally have always been careful about what I eat, but with all the built-in stress that comes with being a business owner, I’ve experienced some health issues that come up from sitting too long, dealing with stress and so on.

So, today, I decided to bring in my good friend and personal functional nutritionist and registered dietitian, Meryl Brandwein. Meryl is one of those people who knows more about being healthy as she herself is a cancer survivor who turned to nutrition to heal herself over 20 years ago. She works with people to help them truly understand how food is medicine and create personalized plans to support long-term health. She’s also the expert on genomic nutrition and we talk a little bit about how this gives you a window into what you REALLY should be eating for your body – instead of following fads.

If you’ve been seeing some of the stress pile up or you want to learn more about how nutrition can support your energy levels, help your clarity and more – this episode is crazy informative.


In this episode:

  • What is functional medicine? 3:00
  • Using nutrition as a form of prevention. 5:20
  • Meryl’s history with cancer and nutrition. 7:00
  • Why is it so important to prioritize nutrition as a business owner? 11:15
  • Why looking to nutrition may be a better long term solution than just relying on medication. 15:10
  • Where to begin your nutrition journey. 20:30
  • What is genomic nutrition? 23:00
  • Looking at your nutrition and lifestyle as a whole. 26:30
  • Why you can’t you solve all your problems through supplements alone. 29:30
  • Thinking about your nutrition as a business investment. 33:00


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