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I’ve mentioned on the podcast before that I am not really great at meditation. It’s an old story I tell myself, but every single time I pick up the habit, I realize how important it is for me to simply take those few minutes out of my day to get present and connect within. In part, some of that has to do with finding the right kind of meditation for you. Which is why I wanted to bring someone who I trust and someone who is a business owner, and could talk about the power of meditating and how to weather your business during these tough times.

So today on the podcast, I sit down with my dear friend, Laura Sage. Laura is the CEO and founder of Chill Anywhere, which is designed to help people live less stressed and more mindful lives. Chill Anywhere works with people and businesses to offer mental wellness solutions, including mindfulness, meditation, and yoga classes anytime, anywhere.

I’m lucky to have known Laura since high school. I’ve also sat on the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation with Laura, founded in honor of her mother. And she’s actually the person who set me up on a blind date with my husband.

I’m excited to share with you Laura’s perspective on meditation and why she created a meditation app just for business owners. She’ll talk about what it meant to grow her business during tough times, how she pivoted, and insight on what it means to look at your entire customer journey.

I loved having this conversation with her so I could share it with you. And if there’s any app to look at for meditation, I hope you’ll choose Chill. So tune in and learn a little bit more about what this app is all about.


In this episode:

  • Explaining Chill, the meditation app for business owners. 3:30
  • How is Chill different than other meditation spaces? 7:30
  • Shifting from brick and mortar to a digital space. 11:00
  • Overcoming the mindset traps that come with a business pivot. 14:30
  • How mindfulness supports the process of building an intentional business. 20:00
  • How to push past resistance to building in meditation as a habit? 23:00
  • Mindfulness and meditation myths. 26:15
  • What differentiates the Chill app from the already crowded app meditation market? 27:30


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