Episode #39: The Dangerous Side of Being Likeable

by | May 11, 2021

Episode #39: The Dangerous Side of Being Likeable

by | May 11, 2021

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It’s not often that you get to sit down with one of your business best friends on your podcast, but for me having my dear friend Justin Blackman on has been something I’ve been wanting to do for months.

Justin Blackman has written for more than 419 different people and managed to sound like every one of them. He uses an ultra-specific voice mirroring process called Brand Ventriloquism to analyze and replicate the nuances that make your writing unique, and documents it so you can scale your content without sacrificing authenticity.

He’s created voice guides for industry experts such as Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Bobby Klinck, and Danny Iny.

And he also has a writing workshop called Write More Personality-er, where he shows you 57 fun ways to make your copy a little less Ross and a lot more Joey.

One of the reasons I wanted to have Justin on is that in becoming the voice guy, he had a unique journey that required him to ditch the voices in his head of doubt and confusion so he could actually step into his expertise – voice. In this episode, Justin shares candidly what he did to really own his voice and what you can do too to own yours. This is one of those episodes that will have you thinking differently about how you talk to your audience and how you want to share.


In this episode:

  • What we mean when we talk about “voice” in business. 7:00
  • Justin’s journey of finding his own voice. 10:30
  • The mindset traps Justin faced along the way. 14:00
  • Creating your own space in a niche market. 17:30
  • Why voice is so important, even if you’re writing your own content. 22:20
  • Beginning the process of finding your voice. 26:00
  • The transformation that standing in your voice can create in your business. 28:00
  • Tackling mindset obstacles as they come up. 34:30


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