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The number one complaint I hear from business owners like you is that you simply don’t have enough time to get stuff done for your own business. It’s like you’re constantly focused on doing everything for everyone else, yet your business is missing some key components. Not to mention all of the other obligations you have for the people who need you in your life.

Just the mere mention of doing stuff for your own business probably sets you into overwhelm. I know because that was me for years. One of the most important changes I made in my own business (and what I teach my clients) is that time is really another excuse for not having what we really want in our business – and until and unless we release ourselves from the shackles of time, we can’t achieve the freedom and success we want.

In this episode I talk a bit about how time really holds us back and how you can start to shift your relationship with time.


In this episode:

  • The point in your business where time becomes a hot commodity. 2:30
  • Looking at what’s actually consuming your time right now. 5:45
  • What you’re sacrificing and how that impacts your personal and business growth. 8:00
  • Considering your relationship with time and the way you perceive it. 10:15
  • Chasing time and trying to “catch up”. 15:00
  • Shifting to view time as an expansive tool. 16:30
  • Facing overwhelm and panic around time. 19:30
  • How can you fill your time in better ways? 23:15


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