Episode #37: Amplify Your Voice By Guesting on Podcasts

by | Apr 27, 2021

Episode #37: Amplify Your Voice By Guesting on Podcasts

by | Apr 27, 2021

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Today on the Mindset First podcast, I sit down with Mai-Kee Tsang, a Podcast Guesting Strategist & The Sustainable Visibility™ Mentor to discuss how we call can better amplify our voices by guesting on podcasts.

Podcast guesting is a great way to expand your audience yet so many of us are afraid to pitch ourselves or worry about getting rejected. Mai-Kee shares with us some of her strategies about pitching with purpose and how even the most introverted & empathic entrepreneurial leaders can feel safe in the spotlight when they guest on aligned podcasts.

We also talk about how you can be more aware of who you represent as you become visible and how to really show up with a more well-rounded perspective. This is an incredibly important episode for anyone who wants to thoughtfully expand your visibility through guesting on podcasts. I’m excited for you to tune in and listen.


In this episode:

  • The evolution of becoming a podcast guesting strategist. 4:00
  • What it means to align yourself on a podcast. 9:30
  • Overcoming the fear of pitching yourself. 13:15
  • What is a podcast guesting certification? 15:50
  • Building relationships through podcast guesting.19:00
  • Having a third party send podcast pitches on your behalf. 26:00
  • The pieces you need to put into place before you guest on a podcast. 29:30
  • The “PR” method of podcast pitching. 33:15
  • What comes after the pitch? 37:15
  • How many podcasts should you be pitching at once? 43:15


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