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Although many of the people I work with feel like they found their purpose, I often encounter entrepreneurs who just fell into their business. Either by being laid off or not wanting to go back to a certain career or business. You might have found yourself doing what you’re doing now because you’re good at it. You like it. Maybe you make good money. But is it your purpose?

This is a topic I encounter on a daily basis. And one that I’ve struggled with personally for years. Especially because I had a mother who found her purpose at the age of six.

So if you’re struggling with knowing if what you’re doing is what you’re supposed to be doing, or if you’re waiting for purpose to reveal itself, this episode is for you. It will hopefully help you think a little differently about purpose and how you can uncover yours. This is the Mindset First Podcast.


In this episode:

  • Considering the concept of purpose. 3:00
  • How to begin uncovering your purpose. 9:40
  • What may be keeping your purpose from surfacing. 13:45
  • How do you persevere if following your purpose isn’t going the way you expected? 16:45
  • Do we all have just one purpose? 18:45
  • Steps you can take right now to help you uncover your purpose. 22:00


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