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When it comes to nailing the business side of your business, it can feel like you’re constantly juggling a bunch of balls and you’re not sure which one you need to tend to first. Most of us hate tending to the business side of our business – getting the legal docs right, putting in the systems to help you grow, understanding your pricing and more. But today’s guest, direct response copywriter Abbey Woodcock, shifted her business to teach the business side of creative freelancing including setting up systems to grow a freelancing business and building out an in-house content team.

Abbey shares some of her expertise on today’s Mindset First podcast and talks about some of the key business systems you need to put in place in order to have your business grow and make more money.


In this episode:

  • The side of small business ownership that freelancers don’t talk about. 4:30
  • How to begin building systems that aren’t overwhelming. 7:00
  • How to approach writing proposals for clients. 11:15
  • The cost of not having systems in place in your business. 14:45
  • Easy systems you can put into place now. 24:00
  • How to pay yourself as a freelancer. 29:30
  • What to consider when deciding your pricing. 33:45
  • How systems can help you better connect with your audience. 38:00


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