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No one likes dealing with disappointments. In fact, most of us will do almost anything to avoid disappointment. We hate the idea of what our disappointments might say about who we are and what we do. We’ll avoid things that help us grow our business, like being visible or connecting with people that might help us grow our business. The truth is, the reason we do is we’re so afraid that maybe someone is going to see past who we say we are.

But the truth is, is that disappointments in business and in life are inevitable. They actually happen every single day. And the more we can learn to embrace our disappointments as a natural part of our business growth and future, the better we’re able to rebound and move forward in ways that might be even better than what we thought possible.

Today on the Mindset First Podcast, I share my mindset first approach to disappointment. Instead of sitting and feeling defeated, using this framework will help you get out of the spiral of negative self-talk, pain, and sadness that is often accompanied by the experience of disappointment.


In this episode:

  • How disappointment impacts your mindset. 6:00
  • Learning from your feelings of disappointment. 8:15
  • How to break out of patterns that lead to feelings of disappointment. 14:00


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