Episode #124:
The Tactical Side of Mindset with Frenchie Ferenczi



When it comes to growing your business, it’s no secret that I believe mindset needs to come first, but it’s not all about working on your mindset. You have to take action if you’re going to move through life’s plateaus and achieve next level growth. But not all action is equal. One thing I’ve learned is that as a quick start I can take action, but that doesn’t mean it’s always right action. Same goes for my counterparts who want to think through every single possible outcome before they take action – that may not always lead to right action either. Today on the podcast I sit down with Frenchie Ferenczi to talk about the tactical side of mindset. Frenchie is a business growth strategist who hasn’t always bought into mindset because she says that sometimes you need to action your way out of a situation. But not all action is equal. On this episode we talk about the fine balance between mindset and action and how you can use both to really grow your business and get to where you want in life.



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